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Enhance your travel plans by eating a meal or two with local residents.
You've done the tour buses, you've done the guided museums, but have you really experienced the amazing country you are visiting? 
Until you have interacted with local residents, you have only skimmed the surface.  The real travel experience lies in the people.  Enjoy a hearty meal, a shared joke, an exchange of ideas.   See the twinkle in their eyes as you savor their home cooked meal.  This is real travel - an organic experience you will never forget.

Shelley - Founder of DineWithLocals.com

Our concept is simple.  We pair local people all over the world with travelers.  A simple reservation process establishes the date and time for a dinner gathering.  The traveler arrives at the host's home for a two hour dinner get-together.   The traveler experiences a home cooked meal of authentic, local cuisine and a taste of local culture.  The host enjoys a fun-filled night getting to know international people from around the globe! 

For most toursists, they reach a point in their lives when they have done the "normal" stuff.  They take the day trip tour bus to visit the average, yet interesting, guided tour itinerary stops.  They've read the Travel in Europe Guidebooks and sight seeing manuals.  The guidebook tells them where the locals eat, so they spend some time there.  They see local residents eating lunch or dinner, chatting, laughing, but they don't really get to know them!  They enjoy the local cuisine at the local restaurant, but wonder:  Is this what the average European eats at a normal dinner at their house?  In the end, the traveler has seen the countryside, seen the famous tourist traps, heard the tour guide as they share history, and seen what their travel agent recommended.

Yet they keep coming back for more!  What are they looking for?  We think they are looking to experience their travel destination.  They want to interact with the country, not just be in it.

Join us - the people of England, Ireland, Scotland, France, the United States, Europe, and the rest of the world as well!

Add a meal from DineWithLocals.com to your list of things to do while you travel. 

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